Supporting projects

This workshop is jointly organized by 3 projects with interest in municipal fiber deployment projects.

The IBBT-ICON project TERRAIN “Techno-Economic Research for futuRe Access Infrastructure Networks” project investigates the rollout of optical fibre in the access network in cooperation with other utility networks as future-oriented solution. For more info we refer to

The European FP7 project OASE “Optical Access Seamless Evolution” focuses on both technical and business oriented challenges related to next-generation optical access networks. More information can be found on

The NGInfra project “What are the Public Benefits of Open Access? Evaluating the Social Cost and Benefits of Municipal Fibre Networks”. For more info we refer to

The Open Network Forum is an association with the aim of promoting Open Networks. ONF was founded in June 2012 and was officially launched at ECOC 2012 in Amsterdam. This forum is a place for discussion among operators, service and application providers, vendors, researchers, investors, and policy makers, with the aim to highlight challenges and discuss possible answers and solutions.