Dimensioning and visualisation of new access network infrastructure

By Comsof / GeoSparc

Since 4 years, Comsof has been developing an advanced application for FTTH network design projects: FiberPlanIT. This software tool uses geographical information (street center lines, address points, …) and design rules (active/passive architecture, clustering, …) to calculate the optimal design for your FTTX network and the associated (investment and operational) costs. FiberPlanIT creates a fast and accurate cost estimation, an optimized network for the specific area, a maximized return-on-investment and a detailed plan for optimized design.
Within the context of the TERRAIN project, FiberPlanIT has been used to calculate costs related to various rollout scenarios in Gent. Furthermore, a first integration between FiberPlanIT and GeoMajas, the open source GIS software of GeoSparc had been established. Through the use of Geomajas web GIS technology, the geographical output of the different simulations can be visualised and queried through standard web browsers.
At the IBBT-IBCN workshop on Municipal Fiber Networks, the participants will have the opportunity to experience the possibilities and flexibility of FiberPlanIT at the Comsof demo-stand, as well as the visualization of the GIS data through the GeoMajas platform at the GeoSparc stand.
For a given area, we’ll demonstrate how FiberPlanIT can be used to simulate different scenarios taking into account a technology choice (PON or P2P), a defined set of deployment parameters, environmental constraints (fibre on façade, buried or in ducts) etc. And how cost of FTTH deployment can be influenced when existing infrastructure is considered for reuse or roadwork sharing is used to a maximum extent.