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Telecommunication networks should be seen as the next utility network (comparable to electricity, water or gas) due to the large similarities in rollout and operational management of all these networks but also as a necessary condition in enabling every person who so wishes to participate fully in the information society, despite individual or social disadvantages.


Leylab and TERRAIN in DataNews
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TERRAIN at the FTTH Council Europe Conference 2012 in Munich
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Workshop on Municipal Fiber Networks - presentations & report online
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Van Ooteghem J, Casier K, Heyn LD, Meersman R, Rosseau B, Colle D, et al. Municipal driven fiber access network rollout. In: ITS 2012 - 19th Biennial Conference. Bangkok; 2012.
Evens T, Boudry E, Verdegem P, De Marez L, Vanhauwaert E, Van Ooteghem J, et al. Killer applications for fiber to the home networks: market potential, time horizons and user groups. In: Obaidat MS, Sevillano J{}L, Filipe J, editors. Vol 314. Springer-Verlag; 2012. p. 115-28. (e-Business and Telecommunications : ICETE 2011, CCIS 314; vol 314).
Van der Stadt K. FTTH : Kortrijk test, Gent bestudeert. DATANEWS. 2012:34. Download: FTTH Kortrijk - Gent DN 04 2012.pdf (1.52 MB)


   Jan Van Ooteghem

   Lynn De Vlieger, Tom Evens, Elke Boudry

   Jan Van Ooteghem

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