Equipment vendors

One of the leading manufactures of FTTx active equipment
Global supplier of infrastructure components and systems including Fibre Optics
Global supplier of wires, cables and wiring systems as well as a provider of related development services

Telecom operators

Leading telecommunications and information technology service provider in Germany
Medium sized fiber to the home and office service provider in Almere, the Netherlands

ICT suppliers

Provider of advanced GIS software solutions
Since 3 years, Comsof has been developing an advanced application for FTTH network design projects: FiberPlanIT.

Utility company

Delivers and distributes drinking water, cleans up the waste water and offers custom-made water for professional and industrial applications

Local government

City of Ghent, stimulating ICT and broadband initiatives
ICT partner for the cities and centers of social welfare of Antwerp and Ghent

FTTH Interest group

Market development organisation with a mission to accelerate the availability of fibre-based broadband access networks

Research institute

Leading research institute, located in Sweden, with activities in communication, optics and electronics

IBBT research groups

Project lead and specialized in techno-economic research including network design, cost/benefit modelling and evaluation
Analysis and proposal of future legislative measures and changes in current regulation
Specialized in user studies including requirement analysis, adoption and digital divide research
Value network analysis and market opportunity assessment, strategic ICT policy and regulation advice
Physical network infrastructure modelling and equipment dimensioning
Within IBBT, iLab.o designs, coaches and supports living lab projects.