The preliminary program can be found below.

09:30 Registration

10:00 Workshop opening

Opening by Mrs. Sofie Verbrugge (Ghent University / iMinds)
Welcome speech by Mr. Daniel Termont (Mayor of Stad Gent)

10:15 TERRAIN: overview of the project's results

Mr. Jan Van Ooteghem - TERRAIN Project Lead (Ghent University / iMinds)
TERRAIN: Techno-Economic Research for futuRe Access Infrastructure Networks

The iMinds ICON TERRAIN project investigated the rollout of optical fibre in the access network in cooperation with other utility networks as future-oriented solution. To meet the large installation costs it focuses on optimizing the collaboration between all actors involved, analysing all aspects from a techno-economic point of view, considering technical, social, economic and regulatory sub-problems. The final project results will be presented.

11:00 Coffee break

11:30 FTTH in practice

Mr. Crister Mattsson (ACREO)
Socioeconomic aspect of broadband and the role for public sector

The broadband evolution have really changed the society, but have the society changed?
If broadband are a crucial for the society, what are the obligation for the public sector?
Do we need new models to achieve the goals in the Digital Agenda?

Mr. Malcolm Corbett (CEO, Independent Networks Co-operative Association)
Beyond Broadband - Transformational Digital Infrastructure

Smart cities are aiming to be Green, Mobile & Digital. Their leaders see digital infrastructure as the new real estate of the 21st century. They want to encourage the next generation of digital content, applications and services and the businesses that create them. They are investing in a new fibre and wireless infrastructure to promote economic growth and social inclusion. This is 'Beyond Broadband' it is 'Transformational Digital Infrastructure' and it will transform the way we work, socialise and play.

Mr. Oscar Vinck (HSLnet)
HSLNet: cooperative FTTH project in Heeze-Leende

Within this presentation, the success of demand aggregation will be shown. A cooperative FTTH model has been set up by HSLNet in Heeze-Leende (the Netherlands), and have convinced over 56% of all residential and business customers to migrate to HSLnet.

Mr. Hafsteinn Jonsson (Karlstads Stadsnät)
How to operate a municipal network in the commercial and economical most efficient way

The business has since then been profitable, much thanks to strategic marketing and sales as well as cost efficient deployment. The fibre network is expanded into most part of the municipal area, even the rural parts. This presentation will focus on best practices of how to operate a municipal network in commercial and economical most efficient way. This study was performed together with several other municipal networks in Sweden.

13:00 Lunch break

14:00 The role of public actors in the rollout of FTTH

Keynote by Mr. Wolf-Dietrich Grussmann (Regulatory Framework Unit, European Commission)
"A European Initiative to reduce the costs for rolling out high-speed internet across Europe"

The broadband targets of the Digital Agenda for Europe are part of the overall strategy for growth and jobs: access to high speed broadband (30 Megabits per second or more) for all Europeans by 2020, with at least 50% of European households having high speed subscriptions above 100 Megabits per second. The costs of NGA deployment are high, out of which up to 80% is estimated as being linked to civil engineering. Studies also suggest that up to 30% cost reduction could be achieved by the re-use of existing ducts, including those of alternative infrastructure owned by other utilities such as energy, railways, sewerage. Before this background the Commission is launching an EU initiative to reduce the costs for rolling out high-speed internet

Panel discussion with speakers from the first session, extended with keynote speaker and other (local) stakeholders

15:30 Coffee break

16:00 TERRAIN Break-out sessions

Dimensioning of access network infrastructure (demo)
In-building network infrastructures (demo)
Techno-economic software suit (demo)
FTTH adoption potential (presentation)
Public-Private Partnerships (poster)

17:00 Networking reception